All Zombies Must Die!

All Zombies Must Die!

Fast paced Zombie shooter


  • Full featured demo
  • Plenty of weapons and upgrades
  • Funny writing
  • Good graphics


  • Game play can get repetitive
  • Difficult to aim at times

Very good

All Zombies Must Die! features fast paced zombie shooting with RPG leveling system.

It seems just about everyone is getting into the zombie game genre. There's one for every platform and they feature many of the same gameplay elements. All Zombies Must Die! isn't innovative in its gameplay but its writing might just win you over.

The biggest differentiator that All Zombies Must Die! brings to the table is its quirky and funny writing. While most zombie games feature a noticeable scarcity of plots, All Zombies Must Die! tries to make a funny zombie game. It doesn't take itself too seriously.

Gameplay is simple. You view your character from a top down 3rd person perspective. Move your character with the keyboard and aim with your mouse. Shoot by clicking in the direction of the enemies. Since All Zombies Must Die! is a top down shooter, it can be difficult to keep track of where the cursor is. It would have been helpful for the cursor to be a different, more attention grabbing color too. Alternatively, you can use a dual analog stick controller for easier control.

There are objectives in each level given to you by the robotic gates. Perform the specified task and you will be granted access to the next level. After each level, All Zombies Must Die! rewards its players with achievements, experience points, and upgrades. Goals and upgrades do a good job of keeping the game entertaining, though the shooting can get repetitive after a while.

All Zombies Must Die! doesn't provide much innovation within the zombie-shooter genre but there is enough funny writing and interesting quests to keep players engaged for hours.

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